Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Executing Trash And Other Lessons In Life

May 29, 2013
   Cleaned more in the garage this morning and bit the bullet and threw over a hundred semi-paintings, under-paintings and patina-paintings into a big, recycling trash can.

Wasn't easy. I've been storing some of these boards for years. I just kept thinking at some point I am going to grab them and finish in high style. Once I got going though, I really started getting ruthless. Even with that, though, I pulled out five for a momentary stay of execution. I thought they had just enough of a possibility that I should do something completely wild on them before tossing them for good.

Brought one of the five into the studio and whipped this out before going into work this morning:

Daily Whipout #501, "An In-din On An Indian In In-din Country #2"

Forced myself to finish quickly since I had a meeting at the office and needed to be there by nine. This caused me to be a little more loosey goosey than normal, and sometimes that is a good thing. Right, Dali?

"If it is humanly impossible to know whether your picture is finished, it will be almost as difficult for you to know when you must stop working on it."
—Salvador Dali, "Fifty Secrets of Magic Craftsmanship"