Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Route 66 and La Gata

May 14, 2013
   Still on the march to read about and see every road picture I can get my hands on. Actually watched "Harry & Tonto" where-in a 55-year-old Art Carney plays 75. Had its moments, but not my cup of tea.

   Watched Two-Lane Blacktop a while back and enjoyed them being on the actual road (as opposed to filming in the San Fernando Valley and faking everything). Here are James Taylor (the Driver) and Dennis Wilson (the Mechanic) actually driving up through Perfume Pass, southwest of Kingman:

We called it Perfume Pass because of the sewer ponds (the green at bottom of frame) gave off a distinct aroma when you drove by there on the way to Yucca. Here's the POV with Ms. Bird eyeballing her real interest in the Driver (check out James' hair!):

And, just to illustrate the worldwide appeal of the road, here's a popular music magazine in Spain which I picked up at the train station in Sevilla last month:

This past weekend I watched Easy Rider and was reminded that in the old days, the pavement on Route 66 was actually a red hue in parts. I believe this is Long Valley, just west of Seligman, from the movie:

Jim Hinkley, my go to guy on all things Route 66, tells me they used to use volcanic ash from a local source, to put in the blacktop mix. And Dan the Man Harshberber, who attended NAU in Flag, tells me the Highway Department used to put the red ash on the highways when it snowed, instead of salt. Hmmmm. Not sure where the actual quarry was. Do you know?

Meanwhile, still noodling character studies for the carkid:

And, speaking of dark and dangerous, here's La Gata, as modeled by Jeanne Sedello:

Did this in the early nineties, but it still has some potential, no?

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