Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mug Shots, Mocajete and Beating A Dead Horse

May 15, 2013
I was looking for an image and ran across a slew of mug shots I have completed over the years, way more than I realized.

And more mug shots:

and then there's this:

This is The Apache Kid, of course at Alcatraz.

In the gold rush days of California, lawmen would carry photographs of various outlaws and bad men in their saddlebags and they would write descriptions right on the images, like this. Crazy.

And finally, here's a dude I call Mr. Mocajete:

This is ironic because when Ken Amorosano comes into the office he often exclaims, "Mocajete!" which is a non-sequiter greeting based on a dish my son Tomas likes at a certain Mexican food restaurant down in central Phoenix (when Ken first moved here we treated him to a mocajete lunch and he never forgot it). Come to find out "mocajete" also means "grinding it out," so it has another meaning that applies to publishing magazines: "Let's grind it out."

"Find a good horse and beat it to death."
—Ernie Kovac's metaphorical advice on how to succeed in show biz