Sunday, April 20, 2014

Coachella Fellas

April 20, 2014
  Funny feature in The New York Times today under the heading, "Coachella Flaunts Its Masculinity." Six photos of some very "masculine" dudes follow, along with these descriptions of said dudes:

"Kelson Berkus was clad in aqua giraffe-print swim trunks (source: "probably Fred Segal").

"Ryan Greeley, in a vintage mesh cardigan and floral swim trunks."

"Robert Ackroyd, in a white-on-white ensemble."

"Rameet Chawla, in a bee print suit."

Notable quotes from Sheila Marikar's "Masculinity" piece, "'They're catching on.' His toned shoulders, left bare by his skeleton-print tank top, shimmered under the strobe lights." And, "I feel like everyone dresses exactly the same, for the most part,' said Kurt Collins, an actor based in Los Angeles. In an effort to set himself apart, he wore his grandmother's hot-pink tracksuit to Saturday night's Neon Carnival."

"Be graceful—like me, goddammit."
—John Wayne after line readings with Linda Cristal on the set of The Alamo