Thursday, April 03, 2014

You've Got to Know How to Pony (Like A Bony Maroni)

April 3, 2014
   Now that the book is in the can, we are shifting gears to do the documentary of "The 66 Kid." We need youngsters who know how to do this:

Daily Whipout, "We Knew How to Pony Like A Bony Maroni!"

   We need kids who know how to pony, watusi, jitterbug, the jerk, and, for extra points, the skate. We'll pay real money for this and bonus cash if they have the outfits to make it fly. You know, stuff like this:

Daily Whipout, "The Mo-ped Mamas"

   And can hold poses like this:

Daily Whipout, "The Carkid Ponders Road Kill"

   Speaking of the book being in the can, here is a wonderful cover blurb by a friend and fellow traveler:

“Any rascal who misspent his youth in the ‘50s and 60’s toting ice for travelers at his Dad’s gas station in Kingman, Arizona, got his hand tangled up in a motel washing machine wringer, and lost his virginity in a Nash Rambler, should have one hell of a story to tell about his life and times on Route 66. And that is exactly what Bob Boze Bell delivers in this book about a fast life in the slow lane of that varicose and scarred path of concrete and asphalt. BBB’s words and images are as tasty as truck stop pie. You will want another helping.”
—Michael Wallis, Route 66: The Mother Road and “The Sheriff” of Radiator Springs in CARS