Sunday, July 23, 2023

Broncs In The Living Room

 July 23, 2023

   Debating whether to go up the hill today. We rented a cabin near Christopher Creek but it's in the nineties up there and the cabin doesn't have AC so it begs the question: why trade one hell for another?

   Meanwhile, here is a bit of history about a couple of the broncs in our living room. First up is a bronc that greets everyone in our entryway.

Ed Mell's "Rearin' Back"

   When we visited our son Thomas Charles in Valencia, Spain, back in 2003, he was in a NAU student foreign exchange program, and walking around down town we wandered into a poster store down a very nice alley and with Tommy translating I bought two huge 1920's Toros El Rodeo posters created locally for the promotion of a touring American Rodeo performing in the local bull ring. They are displayed prominently in our living room. Here's one of them.

   I have always had my suspicions that the image of the cowgirl on a bucking horse was probably taken from a photograph and yesterday I stumbled across the cowgirl and the photo.

Claire Belcher on the 101 Ranch
April 27, 1925

   A friend of mine with very good taste in art, wants a print of this scene.

Daily Whip Out:
"Mickey Free Stares Into The Abyss"

       One more bronc for the road.

Daily Whip Out:

"Bull Tripping Mexicano Style"

"You win some, you lose some teeth."

—Old Bronc Rider Saying


  1. Anonymous6:13 AM

    Hi, Bob, It's Daryl Drake. I've never received any responses when I email you since you changed your gatekeeper, so I'm sharing this here for you.

    Angel Delgado will do the ribbon cutting.

    We didn't keep your cell # either so here's my email and phone.


    Hope Kathy and you are well.

    BTW, I remember Brookshires' and did a few spots for the place in its waning years.
    Thanks, Bob

    1. Daryl, sorry about the no response. Send your queries to my email address:

  2. Daryl, email me at


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