Monday, July 03, 2023

Fast X vs. Asteroid City: Let Them Eat Too Much Cake

July 3, 2023

   We finally went to a movie last weekend! In a theater! Our first in about a year. We saw this visual delight.

Asteroid City

   I must say, the 1955 Arizona aesthetic was dead on and I thoroughly enjoyed the look. I mean it took me back to old Route 66 and Kingman, Seligman, Ashfork, Williams and, in fact, Meteor City.

Welcome to Asteroid City sign

I know I've seen that sign before on old Route 66 with the ore wagon. Maybe I'm thinking of this sign?

Thomas Charles and Allen P. after breakfast at the Copper Cart in Seligman, Arizona on the annual Fun Run, circa 1988

   Anyway, I absolutely loved the look of the movie, the story, not so much. A tad overcooked and too meta for me.

   Speaking of overcooked, yesterday we wandered over to our neighbors to watch this steaming pile.

Fast X 

Overdosing On Cake

   I remember being a kid and eating too much cake. It made me sick. Or, as a French guy famously put it in 1760:

“Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”

—Jean-Jacques Rousseau

   So, that is the problem with this latest behemoth of an extended car wreck. Full disclosure: I enjoyed the first 9, but this is what happens when you have too much CGI capability and you can make every scene over the top ridiculous. You get this mega cake—all-the-time—movie. 

Oh, And Famous Cameos Up The Ying Yang

   So what? Boring. In fact it was so boring Kathy left about halfway in and said she was going to Home Depot.

   This guy stayed until the end, but it must be said, snacks were involved.

"Let them eat cake."

—Marie Antonoiette

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