Thursday, July 20, 2023

Yes, It's Hot And So Is El Chingadazo

 July 20, 2023

   Uno and I at the top of Morningstar this morning looking towards that funky transformer and J-box at middle right. No, sorry, I am actually referring to New River Mesa in the background lit up all rosy on a cool morning before the nuclear heat blasts in.

Top O' The Walk to Ya!

  Yes, the heat is almost unbearable and I'm not talking about the weather, I'm talking about El Chingadazo. It's this new drink (2016) that someone at Mariscos Playa Hermosa (one of our fave cantinas) invented and we need to go there to see how hot and funky it really is. If you go, let me know!

El Chingadazos

   You think you've got it rough waking up on days like this? Here's what I open my eyes to every morning.

Room With A View (of bitchin' hats)

   A quick inventory: Yes, that's my Johnny-Behind-The Deuce, Navajo Boy by Delano, Deb Gessner's Billy sculpture, three Maynard Dixons, an Ed Mell original, Dick George photo of Lincoln New Mexico, Death Valley poster, Dusty in The Cave and Carson and Tomas on the Copper Canyon Railway. And a ton of reference books on Jesse James. Oh, and The Triple B Ranch light box.

   And, by the way, if you don't know who Delano is, here's a taste:

Gerard Curtis Delano

    Damn, he was good. So simple and so strong. I want to be Delano when I grow up.

"Simplicity in art is omitting all non-essential or un-important elements and details which don't really contribute to the essence of the overall composition in order to emphasize what is important."

—Old Vaquero Saying

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