Tuesday, September 19, 2023

The Lone Cabin That Survived The Fire And Dan The Man's Jugs Iced Free Cap

 September 19, 2023

   Our Hellraisers history talk at the Butterfly Museum in Greer last Saturday was a roaring success and some of that success no doubt came from this zany, roadside teaser.

When Bommersbach Won't Fit On One Line

Jugs Iced Free Headgear

   In case you didn't know, I used to ice jugs for a living. Actually "living" is a tad strong, I was only 12 and worked in my dad's gas station for tips. And I was on the scene in 1959 when Hollywood showed up in Kingman to film a movie using my dad's gas station, among other local businesses.

Cornel Wilde exits Route 66 and drives into the outside lanes of Al Bell's Flying A in a scene from "Edge of Eternity"

   So, out of the blue, Dan The Man came up with this cap design.

   I think I have to have one. Thanks Dan!

   Meanwhile, me and Uno have gotten the morning walk routine down in Greer.

Uno & The Dead Tree Meadow

   And, I am intrigued by the lone cabin on the hillside that survived a terrible fire that raged through here several years ago.

The Lone Cabin That Survived

The Fire & The Dog Who Doesn't Care

   Not sure how that cabin survived the carnage, but it did.

The Hand Me Down 

   Ten years ago this October we attended a wedding in northern California and while there I bought a used sweatshirt in a thrift store to ward off the cool nights. I underestimated how cool it was going to be on the Pacific coastal area. Here I am wearing that sweatshirt while holding my grandson Weston in a small farming town west of Yreka.

Grandpa Ha ha and his grandson Weston

   And, here I am today, in Greer, wearing the same, used sweatshirt.

The Greer Sneer

   Is it because I am a cheapskate? Or, is it because I am sentimental? Or is it just soft and endearing to me?

"Human beings have a strong, dramatic instinct toward binary thinking, a basic urge to divide things into two distinct groups, with nothing but an empty gap in between. We love to dichotomize, good versus bad, heroes versus villians. My country versus the rest. Dividing the world into two distinct sides is simple and intuitive, and also dramatic because it implies conflict, and we do it without thinking, all the time."

—Hans Rosling

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    It looks great grandchild and Uno steel your show, great pictures, have fun!


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