Saturday, September 30, 2023

Pump House Skulker, Seinfeld 1850 and The Iliza Shlesinger World Tour

 September 30, 2023

   A Facebook website called The Black Wax Cafe posted this incredible montage of what the cast of Seinfeld would look like in 1850 and it is magnificent. So perfectly dead on. Just enough of a resemblance but not forced. I want to give someone credit on this because it is THAT good!

The cast of Seinfeld, 1850

My worst fear is that this is AI at work and if it is, game over. Speaking of crying over spilt milk.

Daily Whip Out: "The Cry Baby"

Late Nite Maniacs! 

   We did something totally crazy last night and drove into the Beast—after dark—to attend a stand up comedy show at the Arizona Federal Theater.

BBB enjoying a $30 margarita with his honey
before the show. He ended up having two, so $60 worth of margaritas in two glasses.

   The show started at 8:30 (at night!) and we got back to the parking garage at ten and then we had an hour ride home. We haven't been up this late since Reagan was in the White House, or, so it seemed at the time. But it was worth it to see this totally outrageous woman:

Ilisa Shlesinger on her

Hard Feelings World Tour

   She bills herself as the "Elder Millennial" and she did an extended bit on the supposed rift between Gen Xers and Millennials. At one point she asked if there were any Boomers in the house and we let out a weak roar with about 12 other ticket buyers scattered throughout the approximately 7,000 seat arena. Hard to believe how marginalized that feels, but there you go. We are now in the minority at a venue we practically invented.

Find Uno

   He hides, he skulks around the pump house. Can you spot him?

Pump House Skulker

   It's been awhile, but this puppy sold out quickly.

Sold Out!

   I think it's time for a reprint and Volume Two. Watch for it. Why? Take it from this old fart:

"Tell the old stories for our modern times."

—Homer (The Greek guy, not the Simpson)

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