Monday, November 18, 2002

November 18, 2002
“There are two myths about javelinas,” Conrad Storad told me yesterday. “One is that they are pigs, and the other is that they are rodents.” Conrad should know. He wrote a book called, “Don’t Call Me Pig.” I met him at a book luncheon at the Four Seasons Resort yesterday. The First Book organization had a pretty amazing lunch and mini-book fair for 11 authors and we all gave short talks about how we became writers, etc. Well, if they’re not pigs and they’re not rats, what are they? “They’re peccaries,” Conrad told me, “and their closest relative is the hippo.” Amazing. We are being attacked by nephews of the hippopotamus. Who’s going to believe that?!

Had another no show on art. Got back from the book fair at about three, then had to go to a baby shower at four. One of Tommy’s best friends, Raf, is going to be a papa. Raf’s girlfriend is a pro snowboarder from Vermont and she is three months pregnant. Great food and fun catching up on all the “kids today” stories.

Did come home and do some sketches for cover ideas. Hope to knock something out this week.

“Love your parents--and change yourself.”
—Steve Chandler

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