Monday, November 25, 2002

November 25, 2002
Did a bit of artwork yesterday morning, but not enough. Hanging out as usual.

Kathy and I left at 2:30 and drove into Scottsdale. Met Deena at Earl’s for brunch ($43 cash), then went over to Camelview Five and couldn’t decide whether to see “Far From Heaven,” the fifties homage from Tod Haynes, or the Mexican subtitled, “Crimen Padre Amaro” (Crimes of Father Amaro). Finally chose “Far From Heaven” ($18 cash, plus $3.60 for popcorn, no butter, and a bottle of water). Movie was okay. Julianne Moore was quite good, but it really dragged in the middle, and was kind of limp and sappy. We had seen the previews to the “Padre” movie before our movie started and when we got out I asked Deena what she thought of “Heaven” and she said, “I just kept thinking, ‘we could be seeing that priest have sex with that girl.’” Kids today.

Writing this on the fly. Yesterday’s band quote should have been “Tighter than a gnat's ass stretched over a rain barrel.” And, of course, I found a better quote for yesterdays entry:

Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music.”
—Giuseppe Mazzini

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