Friday, November 29, 2002

November 29, 2002
Good, productive day yesterday. Made bacon and pancakes for Tommy and Jake at about 11, Then outiftted them as Daltons and shot off five roles of film. Tried to get shadows going in the right direction, shot some off the roof to get a downward perspective (I’m doing the images for the Phase Three Map of the gunfight and want to get the angles and perspective right. I also had Jake as Grat Dalton with $1,100 worth of currency stuffed in his vest (which really happened). I folded up newspapers and padded him out, then stuck several real twenties and a hundred, sticking out the top. Created a sweet effect. Shot off roof of him getting it in Adam’s Apple, then him slumped in the middle of the alley (of course, Peaches took it as an invitation for some major petting and ran up and jumped in his lap). Got some good stuff. Can’t wait to see it.

We took off at two to go to grandma’s for Thanksgiving dinner. Stopped at Superpumper and filled up T’s truck ($25 something, house account), and vacuumed out all the broken glass ($1 in quarters, someone tried to steal his stereo in Flag last week). Took off out 101, got to grandma Betty’s at about 3:30, Nick and Debbie, Kathy and Justine already there. Deena, Brad and Carol, EJ and ‘Cedes came after four. Ate at about 4:30. Great spread, Went around the table and told what we are thankful for. When it got around to Brad’s turn he said he was thankful he didn’t have javelinas in his back yard and he didn’t have to chase them in his underpants. Everyone looked perplexed but I knew exactly where he got that. Ha.

After dinner went for a walk around the block. EJ got real excited about coming out to “trap the javelinas.” He’s 9, had a pad of paper and was trying to figure out a plan, kept asking me what their weaknesses are (they have trouble seeing, that’s why they charge, uh, they’re short, they smell). He was so excited. Wants to come stay with us so he can see them.

Drizzling out this morning. Good excuse to have a fire in stove. Need to run film up to Foothills Photo at 9. Kathy and Deena are going shopping with the hordes. Tommy is painting a friend’s house. I hope to finish some good artwork today.

“My life has no purpose . . . my life has no direction . . . no aim . . . no meaning . . . and yet I'm happy . . . I can't figure it out . . . What am I doing right?”
—Charles Schulz

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