Thursday, November 28, 2002

November 28, 2002
Worked hard yesterday afternoon trying to wrap up the Dalton art. Finished one piece, six to go (sigh). Slow going. Went back into office at five. Robert is concerned. No cover yet. He’s being very patient. I assured him I had a good one coming. It’s very late and the pressure’s on. This is right about when I start to wake up. Ha.

Last night, Tommy came down from NAU with his college gang: Jake from Oregon, JJ, Robert Chenalt and Katie Hickox came crashing into the house about sunset. Loud and proud, lewd and rude. I got pizza and buffalo wings at Barros’ Pizza ($44 cash) and we all watched the U of A vs. NAU basketball game. Of course the kids were expecting their school to get clobbered (Wildcats are ranked number one in the nation), but those scrappy Lumberjacks held their own for the first half and in fact led for much of that time. Always fun to joke and watch b-ball with my son. I’m a lucky dad.

Kathy spent the night at her mama’s to help her with today’s turkey. What a sweetheart. So, being alone, I rented porn off the dish ($9.99). Of course I hated it-loved it, hated myself for renting it. I know one thing: I would be so miserable being single because left to my own devices I’d probably be bunking with Robert Downey, Jr. How’d I get so lucky to find a compassionate, liberal partner? I’m just a lucky, stinkin' javelina and that’s the main thing I’m thankful for today.

"Liberals feel unworthy of their possessions. Conservatives feel they deserve everything they've stolen."
—Mort Sahl

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