Wednesday, April 02, 2003

April 1, 2003
A big controversy is brewing over an upcoming big budget Western. There is some evidence the character they are going to portray on the big screen is a total fake. More later.

Wonderful Russ called on a cellphone from Tucumcari. He bought a BMW from a guy in Virginia, flew back, bought the car and was driving it 2,400 miles back to Phoenix. I was so jealous. I love roadtrips and it sounded like so much fun.

Craig Fouts sent us four images of Wyatt Earp he has just purchased. One has never been published and another one is quite unflattering and shows him looking like a tough. Virtually everyone who has seen it comments, “That’s not Wyatt Earp!” I admit I’ve never liked the photo either and really thought it wasn’t him, but Robert Ray took a known photo of Earp from Lamar and superimposed it on the suspect photo and the ears, jawline, eyes and mouth matched perfectly. Virtually everyone did an about face and said, “That’s him!” We will run this juxtaposition in the next issue (July)

Worked in office until around five. Kathy picked me up and I stopped at Aaron Bros and bought more art supplies ($65 biz account), then we got her car washed ($10 cash) then went to our Conversational Spanish final at Shelmita’s Mexican Food restaurant at Greenway and Cave Creek Road. Really fun. Jim Ramsay, our teacher made us order in Spanish, asked us questions about the items in the restaurant, held up utensils and asked for the word (La cucharo: spoon). I had a taco cabeza (cheek meat) and pescado diablo (fish in a hot read sauce). Really excellent ($36 cash). Passed the test. Got home around nine and watched war coverage. It’s so addicting and so draining. I keep saying to myself, I’ll read one more crawl then I’ll shut it off, then I go to another news channel and read their crawls. It’s just pathetic.

"Television - a medium. So called because it is neither rare nor well-done."
—Ernie Kovacs

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