Sunday, April 13, 2003

April 13, 2003
Finally got untracked about four yesterday and did a coyote painting for Craig Hamilton’s column in the May-June issue. Kind of a soupy mess but at least I’m moving. Kathy came home with pizza from Barro’s (she was at a dream seminar at Rancho Manana). Had a beer and four slices of pizza. Watched a ton of TV last night, including Dennis Miller’s new standup (recorded in Chicago) and then Bill Maher’s Real Time. Lots of laughs, lots of timely humor. Both Dennis and Bill are fearless, tackling the latest “off-limits” subjects. Very inspiring.

Finally went to bed around 10:30. Slept in until after eight. Went for a walk to meet Kathy and Peaches on the road. Several jogging miracles for both of us: ideas flowing because of increased heartrate.

Having a very nice Sunday (took a nap). Deena went camping at Seven Springs and came home this morning. We had a nice talk. Kathy and I are going up on the roof later to put our cooler pads back on. My allergy medicine is really working. I feel better.

Got an E-mail from an old Kingmanite: “This from a Kingmanite a bit older than you - but - in the good days when we all knew everyone else.  My daughter and I went to have a hot dog today and of all things I remembered the great grilled hot dogs Mary Lou used to make at the Tydway Cafe [adjacent to the Flying A gas station my dad ran].  Do you have a clue how to make the sauce that went on them?  I worked at the Mon Petite Beauty Salon and had a hot dog every day!  My husband worked with Allen - Marty Martin.  Wasn't Kingman great when it was really small?  Had my 45th class reunion this summer and could have cried over all the changes.  Not the Kingman I knew.”—Sandi Martin

Wrote her back. I don’t remember the hotdogs or how they were made but the Tydway (pronounced Tide-way) was a classic Route 66 diner with an L-shaped counter with stools, no booths or tables. I think it seated no more than twenty people at a time but the owners drove a pink Caddie and seemed to do quite well for themselves My dad’s Flying A gas station was attatched and it was the first of the Super-stations with one-stop convenience. I have a great photo of it and will post it when I find it.

If you're going to do something wrong, at least enjoy it.”
—Leo Rosten

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