Thursday, April 10, 2003

April 9, 2003
Heavy debating going on over cover for Wyatt Earp issue. Good feedback from here (see yesterday’s posting). Daniel H. is leaning toward the photo although there is significant voting for the middle image. I think it’s because it has all the icons in it. The OK Corral sign, a long-barreled Colt, both Doc and Wyatt. For some reason they all add up. We had a similar success with last summer’s Scout issue. It had a horse, a rifle, a big hat, a wagon train, John Wayne (in the bottom corner) and an American flag. It has a cumulative effect.

Met with Chris and Theresa from Tri Star on Monday night at Tonto. Bob Brink and R.G. and I met them to have dinner and discuss doing a Classic Gunfights: Vol. I book. Crunched numbers and talked over old times. We have fought many a war together and so the war stories flowed.

Just received a two year subscription from Charles Baker of Anchorage, Alaska. He said he has been reading this diary and that’s what got him to subscribe “I really get a kick out of it,” he says. That made my day. Sometimes I think I’m writing this for my employees and the blogger police. Ha.

Had a financial meeting yesterday. Trying to stay focused on keeping it lean and mean. Nervous about big increases on newsstand and our special issue being on top of all that. Need to ride herd on our distributors. Made two calls yesterday to ask for data. Need to keep it all in perspective, like Willie.

“There are more serious problems in life than financial ones, and I've had a lot of those.  I've been broke before, and will be again.  Heartbroke?  That's serious.  Lose a few bucks.  That's not.”
—Willie Nelson

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