Tuesday, April 29, 2003

April 29, 2003
Twice a day I cruise down into Scottsdale to go to the hospital for my stomach shots. The last five miles are on the new loop 101. Today in the Arizona Republic there is an article on all the deaths on this road. In eight months there have been 800 accidents and 8 deaths. And this isn’t for the entire freeway, just the part I drive on! Yikes! And I’m here to assure you it is the wildest freeway I have ever had the misfortune to drive on (this includes LA and Austin). I’ve seen more reckless driving and crazy vehicular stunts in the last two days than I have ever seen in my life (and I used to race motorcycles). A really scary stretch of road.

What’s with the name of couples on new buildings? At the Scottsdale Healthcare complex there are all these buildings with names like the “Bruce & Diane Halle Pavillion” which is in the “Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center.” Inside you can go in the Eugene L. Levy bathroom. I realize it’s a feasible way to mix fundraising with vanity. So, what’s next? I just might like to donate to the “Bob and Kathy Bell Crack House.”

More pain last night. Woke up at midnite. Hope it’s something I ate, as opposed to wandering blood clots. Took two pain pills and finally got to sleep. Not out of the woods yet.

Big staff meeting this morning and then an editorial meeting to go over a possible new fashion piece Ted wants to do. Much controversy and discussion about “tone” and what is our look, and not our look. Jana and Meghan are dead set against the “meat” aspect of it. All around a good discussion of what we can do to breath some life into a very weak category.

"I've had a perfectly wonderful evening. But this wasn't it."
 —Groucho Marx

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