Thursday, May 01, 2003

May 1, 2003
An old friend from my New Times days started working with us today: Jerry Joslin.

Bob Brink is in New York on business and will return tomorrow. I miss him.

Kathy joined me again for my evening shot last night and we drove down early and had dinner at Coyote Cafe at Scottsdale Road and Frank Lloyd Wright. First time, never been there. Had a spicy green chile soup (very good). I was nervous about it but so far no kick back ($26 cash).

I hoped to end my twice a day drive into Scottsdale today but my blood workups show I’m below the therapeutic levels they want (I’m at a 1.58 and they want a 2.0) so I have to continue, possibly through the weekend. Didn’t like hearing that, but at least the nurses are damn cute.

Went to the post office at lunchtime and one of my neighbors stopped me and said he’s ready to tell his story. It’s a dilly. About five years ago some wacko went off his meds and started driving around north Phoenix looking for Zombies. His luck was good as he spied an entire family of them (my neighbor, his wife and kids). The Zombie Profiler (who was actually a house painter) claimed he could spot them because of the blue air coming out of their noses. So the Zombie Guy proceeded to follow them home (they live two miles north of me!). Having a whole family of Zombies cornered was a big deal so he then plotted on how to eradicate them for the benefit of society. He cleverly set a fire in their garage and when the smoke alarm went off, my neighbor ran out in his pajamas. The Zombie Guy stood in the yard and shot him with a pistol and then shot at everyone fleeing the house. Amazingly, my neighbor lived even though I believe he was hit at least twice. I can’t remember if anyone else was hit (no one was killed). The kicker is my neighbor says dealing with the insurance company after the attack was even stranger than the Zombie Guy. I think it would make a great book. How about the title: “Zombies Are Us?”

"Nothing is fool-proof to a talented fool."
—Old Vaquero Saying

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