Thursday, May 08, 2003

May 8, 2003
Blood thinning levels still too low (1.29). Yesterday it took an hour to get results. Frustrating. Didn’t get into office until 10.

In spite of the hospital problems, it was a productive day in office. Received a bunch of Pancho Villa photos from South Texas. Really some stunners. It’s all connections from people who read the magazine. My friend Paul Northrop told me to call Enrique Guerra, who told me to call Chet Downs in Jourdanton, Texas. They put out a series of Mexican Heritage Collector calendars. We will have access to all of their photos. Going to be really sweet.

Dave Daiss and I are trying to figure out a window to make the trip to Turkey Creek Canyon. I also have a TV taping for the History Channel I need to do. They wanted me to fly over today for two days of filming but because of the shots I couldn’t schedule it. Aiming for next week.

Had a Gang of Four (Executive Council) meeting at three. For the first time in over three years we have a positive cash flow and all the arrows are going in the right direction. And fortunately we have Bob Brink who keeps us reined in on our growth. He very consciously keeps us from going too far too fast (a typical mistake on the road to magazine success and the ditches are lined with corpses of those who didn’t heed the speed limit). It’s so tempting to double the print order, etc., but Bob has preached from day one to take it in “bite sizes” and don’t get caught up in the ego of the moment. We are so lucky to have him.

Met Kathy and Deena at five to celebrate Deena’s birthday. She chose Sushi Brokers near Frank Lloyd Wright and Scottsdale Road for dinner and we had a swell time ($41 house account). Got my shot at 7:30 and got home around 8:40.

Sue sold a gunfighter poster in the store. Personally, I thought it was crap but it sold for $275 (for a poster!). I have to learn from this and simplify my work. Not always easy.

“It takes a long time to learn simplicity.”
—Louis Malle

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