Tuesday, May 20, 2003

May 20, 2003
It was a year ago today that R.G. Robertson came into my office with a proposal. At the time he was a very good ad salesman who did occasional articles on the side. The two-page proposal included very ambitious goals that seemed almost out of reach at the time. Last week I found his proposal and reread it. Every single thing he proposed he has done. Today he is the editor, a financial partner and the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of the corporation. The most impressive things to me are: he is punctual and he did what he said he was going to do. Quite inspiring for all you young kids out there.

One of my heroes is in a nursing home with a brain tumor. In the summer of 1959 I worked for tips in my father’s gas station to buy Ed Bartholomew’s “Biographical Album of Western Gunfighters.” It cost the unbelievable sum of $15 (at the time) and I saw the ad in True West, sent off my money (I think my dad chipped in a bit) and checked the mail every day waiting for the package. I wasn’t disappointed. The huge book (it’s 20” wide by 14” high) is still in a prominent place in my vast library and, I must confess, it is the very model for all of my illustrated books. Ed’s daughter said if anyone wants to send him a card to mail it to Ed Bartholomew PO Box 805, Fort Davis, Texas 79734. I’m sending a card today, tomorrow and the day after. This guy made all the difference in my life. Very influential.

Finished three paintings yesterday, photographed them by the pool and ran them up to Foothills Photo and got one-hour processing, plus bought more film ($12 something, debit card). Had a doctor’s appointment ($10 co-pay). Came back and Robert Ray scanned the negs and tweaked the sacns (he’s so amazing), then posted the results in Classic Gunfights file. Going to be a very strong one. I want to rework one of the paintings (of Elzy Lay getting it). Some passages don’t quite work. Have one more painting to finish today, then the cover of Pancho Villa and the statue sketches for Elfego Baca. We take off for New Mexico on Thursday. I’ll post images here before I leave.

A former friend called me a “lop-sided jackanapes” online in some chatroom. I didn’t read it but heard about it. I kept telling myself, “Don’t take it personally. This is about him, not me.” But, of course, I had to look it up and here’s the definition of a jackanapes: “a pert or mischievous child.” Can’t duck that one.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names like Jackanapes make me laugh.”

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