Saturday, May 03, 2003

May 3, 2003
Kind of hit the wall today. Irritated. My blood thinning medicine (coumadin) is not kicking in (I’m at a 1.28 and I need to be at a 2.0) and my driving into Scottsdale has been extended another week. Kathy went in with me last night and we ate at Charleston’s, Scottsdale Road and Frank Lloyd Wright, NE corner ($31.22 debit includes tip). Then down to hospital to get my shot at 7:30, then up to Harkins 14 to see “Phone Booth” with Colin Farrell. I think I read somewhere the movie was filmed about a year and a half ago, but was held back because of 9•11, then again when the serial sniper case gripped the country. Enjoyed the movie. It was tight and Colin was very good (7.8). Got home at 10.

Got up this morning and drove in at 8 for shot. Got back at 9:40, then loaded truck for recycling, Kathy and I drove up and unloaded that, then over to the Cave Creek library to pick up a stack of “Smoke Signals” magazine which the library donated to True West. Then up to Buffalo Chip parking lot for Farmer’s Market and bought a bunch of organic vegetables ($13 cash) then up to Bashas’ for groceries ($98 house debit), came home and unloaded.

Ate a pear and some snow peas. Took a nap. Got up and joined Kathy and Peaches for a walk up the road. Now Kathy wants to go in to Paradise Valley Mall and go shopping, pick up a pool cover, see a movie, go to Costco, but I feel grumpy. I basically have been on the road for the past week, and the idea of driving back in and getting home at 10 again just kind of ticks me off. My studio is a pit. There are all kinds of paintings I want to do for the upcoming issue and I haven’t had time to do diddly.

I still don’t have a doctor in charge of my case, who is pro-active. I’m just playing defense and floating down stream on a very flimsy raft (to force a metaphor). I have an MRI scheduled on May 12th and I see an Gastro Doc in June about getting one of those lovely colonoscopy (rear end roto rooter) deals. And speaking of which, here’s some sound advice from one of my faithful journal readers:

“Hey, I don't think you really want to be knocked out for the colonoscopy. I stayed awake during mine. I wanted to make sure the doctor didn't have both hands on my shoulders while doing the procedure.”
—Daniel J. Patterson

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