Sunday, May 11, 2003

May 11, 2003
Getting closer. Came back from my morning shot and called the nurse around 11. My coumadin level is at a 1.74 (needs to be a 2.0). Looks like tomorrow could be the possible end of the long and winding shot road. One of the nurses suggested I keep track of my mileage for tax purposes. Here’s the deal so far. I have driven 92 miles a day for two weeks. If someone had told me I would basically drive to Iowa (1,300 miles) I would have been more adamant about giving myself the shots at home (the offer was made to me but the social services woman talked me out of it saying it would be only for four days.

Kathy and I went in yesterday around five and attended a party at Jeanne Sedello and Larry’s house. Great party. Tons of Mexican food being cooked on the premises. Saw many people I hadn’t seen in ages. Katherine, our beautiful radio producer on Young Buck is married and she and her husband Mark play in the AZ IZ band, and they play Vegas for weeks at a time. She looked great. Larry’s dad is on coumadin so we talked it up pretty good. Then his wife came up and she’s on coumadin also. Jeanne and Larry finally got full adoption rights to their daughter Aura (she looks just like Jeanne). Heard many house painting war stories from Larry’s co-workers. Quite funny actually. Went and got evening shot at 7:40. Got home at 8:30.

We’ve got a house full of boys. Tommy brought home Jake and Ben (see photo from Saturday). They are hanging out and being gross. Made them bacon and pancakes both Saturday and Sunday morning. Tried to teach them a thing or two about women. Tommy said, “How come girls always dump guys for being too nice?” And of course the other two boys were nodding their heads and telling horror stories, “And then I did exactly what she wanted and she dumped me! She said I was too nice!” My theory is: don’t confuse weakness with niceness. Most girls don’t like weak. They want someone who is confident and, I assured them, once you can fake that you are in like Flint.

Met Grandma Betty at Mimi’s (at Desert Ridge) for Mother’s Day breakfast this morning. A one hour wait. Place slammed. Had a Santa Fe omelette ($30 cash, includes tip). Had fun talking to Betty and comparing notes about teenagers (was Kathy as bad as we think someone in our house is?). Betty ducked the answer and wished us luck. Got to remember that trick for when I’m a grandparent.

Started on four paintings for Turkey Creek Canyon shoot-out at about 11:30. Feels very good to be doing art again. Now if I can get some time back from my shot trips I’ll be a very happy boy, I promise.

"Liberty doesn't work as well in practice as it does in speeches."
-Will Rogers

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