Sunday, August 17, 2003

August 17, 2003
Worked all day yesterday on cover paintings. Really getting tight now. The issue goes to press tomorrow. Tried a simple silhouette in red (completely reversing my original concept). Has potential. Need to nail the final today.

Got an inquiry from Finland about Bob Dylan’s character in the movie Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid. Jari Teilas, from Kotka (Eagle), Finland wrote me about finding the name “Alias” as one of Billy’s compadres in Authentic Life, Pat Garrett’s book on the Kid. Jari wants to know if Alias was a real person. History says probably not, but we’ll give it to Ask The Marshall and see what he says.

Speaking of Billy, we have a new online poll asking the question “Do you think it’s right to dig up Billy the Kid?” Go right now and vote. I want to know what you think and we will run the results in the next issue.

Helped Deena move into her new house in Tempe yesterday. She’s rooming with two other guys. Drove down the 101 with the usual bungee-tied mattresses and assorted junk piled in the back of the Ranger. Got passed by several other trucks with the same load and destination (next week it’ll be even crazier as 50,000+ ASU students hit town). We ate at Dilly’s Deli on Southern (split the Southwestern Club and a bread pouch of Boston Clam Chowder, with Deena; Kathy had the salad, $28 cash).

At six last night, Mad Coyote Joe came by and we drove up to the MTM Ranch for a photo shoot. Tom Tumas’ High Sonoran Style magazine is doing a cover on Cave Creek’s Wild Western heritage and he invited some of the “colorful locals” to pose for a cover shot. About 25 people were there including the mayor and legendary publisher Don S. Two CC exotics even showed up on horseback. It was definitely a motley crew. In fact, my opinion is it was too many people for an effective cover shot. But that’s my art director opinion and I kept it to myself.

“Never miss a good chance to shut up.”
—Old Vaquero Saying