Friday, August 08, 2003

August 8, 2003
There are some weird and wacky people reading this journal. For example, I got an E-mail from Will S. down Bisbee way and he sent me the following:

I kid you not, someone came to my web log after doing a google search for "bob boze bell herpes." You have some strange fans.

Will’s site is:
More meetings in the office yesterday. Very Roshomanish, getting everyone’s version of the truth. Or, as Robert Evans put it in the recent doc, The Kid Stays In The Picture, “There’s your version, there’s my version, and then there’s the truth.”

Wrote up a new executive editor’s statement for the 2004 media kits. Gus and I worked hard on shoe horning in all the Classic Gunfights into the book template. We are closer (have about 12 holes to fill). Came home for lunch, had hamburger and a tomato. Started a cloud painting to get warmed up for BOW cover. Came back to office, cleaned off my desk and answered mail and fulfilled orders. Theresa from Tri Star came out and had me sign a Wyatt book. She said the new Bad Men books are in. That means every one of my four books is in multiple editions. Billy is in the second edition (almost sold out and going for a third), Wyatt is in the fourth, Doc Holliday is in the third and Bad Men is in the second. We have sold over 50,000 books and to all of the publishers who turned down the idea (that would be 27 including my alma mater, U of A Press who commented on the proposal, “Just what the world needs; another book on Billy the Kid.”) I would just like to say, “Told you so.”

Got a call from a reader who thinks he knows who Kaloma really is. Tantalizing similarities between the infamous, semi-naked photo of Kaloma (allegedly Mrs. Wyatt Earp) and a certain “actress” of that era who was beautiful and who also posed in Victorian cheesecake pictures around the same time (1912-14). We may run it as a potato chip.

No word from NY on proposed show. Did get an air date on the show I worked on: August 19. The buzz is that it’s quite good and “The Suits” are very happy with it. We’ll see. I never believe any of that stuff until I see it with my own eyes, and then I don’t believe them half the time.

“Those who can't laugh at themselves leave the job to others.”
—Old Vaquero Saying

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