Friday, August 22, 2003

August 22, 2003,
Robert Ray came out to try and get my studio computer modem to work, but to no avail. He got sick (literally) and left. Called AOL tech support this morning and the woman walked me through the system and determined the phone line is working now but the computer is not recognizing my new modem. I just absolutely hate this kind of stuff. My address book is on the home computer and for some reason I can’t access it at the office (where I’m writing this). I can’t post several pieces of art I want to show you because they’re on the scanner-Photo Shop file at home. Crapola!

Thanks for your feedback on the Indian covers Vs. Billy the Kid T-shirts. Marcus Huff thinks we’re preaching to the choir and need to get the Billy shirts over to New Mexico where they’ll sell, and Will Shatterly (who has ordered some of the Native American back issues) believes Indians may not carry a cover but that they would enhance a cover and need to be featured in a secondary position at the very least. Hmmmmm.

Trish Brink came in yesterday and went over some of the more dynamic additions to the website. Website visits have increased by 10% just in the last month. Very exciting.

The first dog I remember having was named “Pal,” because one of my Dad’s gas station cronies came into the Flying A office on Route 66, looked down at the box with the tiny pup and said, “You should name him Pal, because he’s going to grow up to be your buddy.” And he did. Yesterday Deena bailed on her dog Buddy and now he’s ours. The world completes another cycle, from Pal to Buddy. Almost everything I’ve hated, I’ve become. Virtually everything I said I’d never do, I’ve done. And every truth I’ve discovered has had an opposite belief, or truth, just as compelling and believable.

“You can always get the truth from a politician, after he has turned seventy or given up all hope of the Presidency.”
—Joe Moore

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