Friday, August 29, 2003

August 29, 2003,
The votes are in for the digging up Billy poll. 332 of you voted and 77.1% said dig him up right now and 22.9% of you want to leave the poor boy alone. These stats will run in the next issue. On a related note, the next question is about this week’s running topic: Is Kevin Costner’s new Western Open Range worth seeing? You can click right here and go vote.

Went home for lunch yesterday to check on the big Conehead Dog (Buddy). Poor guy. That neck cone just messes up his navigational abilities. He tries to run through the partially opened gate like before and the edges of the cone bring him to a screeching halt. Kind of like those hook ropes on an aircraft carrier but without the give. Ouch! And like most male dogs (and males, period), he never learns, he just keeps lurching around and getting clotheslined at every turn. Still, you have to admire him. In spite of the severe limitations on his maneuverability, his looks, his ability to lick where other males can only dream, he still wags his tale as if to say, “Life is good.” Actually Ray Bradbury put it best: “Every day is Christmas Day to a dog.”

Big storm rolled over us last night. Sat outside with Satellite Dish Dog, Peaches and Kathy and just stared at the heavens. Really some stunning effects. I took several photos and will try to post them here. My home computer still can’t dial up AOL so I’m posting at work and the configurations and mechanics of getting jpgs up here is kicking my patootie.

We also have been trying to get the results on the Old West Tech Nielson numbers but we haven’t been able to get them yet. Anxious and frustrating.

“Television has spread the habit of instant reaction and has stimulated the hope of instant results.”
—Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.