Thursday, September 11, 2003

September 11, 2003 Bonus entry
Since I missed Monday’s entry, here’s a bonus entry for today.

I asked Carole to track two days of orders coming in over the phone. Here’s the results of where the 21 orders came from:
• Nine just found the magazine on the newsstand
• One works for Barnes & Noble and saw the mag come in
• Two saw me on the History Channel and looked us up
• One had a wife who heard me speak in Phoenix
• One had a mother who “came back from Toronto with one.”
• One found us on the web
• One visited Tombstone and saw the mag on display at Boothill Cemetery store
• One saw it at a doctor's office and "took it with him."
• One got it at D Bar J Hatters in Las Vegas and loved it
• One stayed in a Bed & Breakfast and it was in the room (they stole it)
• One reads this journal and got tired of not knowing what the hell I was talking about

"Justice is always violent to the party offending, for every man
is innocent in his own eyes."

—Daniel Defoe

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