Tuesday, September 16, 2003

September 16, 2003
Here’s the illustration Robert Ray, Kathy and Mad Coyote Joe chose for the editorial page (it may go up late in the day as it has to go to Jason and then he posts it after work). Now on to Classic Gunfights and the Pinkertons, and a logo for Jana, and two Northfield paintings of the James boys escaping, Hanska Slough new paintings, big, montage of all the gunfights, dust jacket copy. And other stuff.

Got an E-mail from the Tom Bomb in Spain. Is he studying hard? Is he breathing in the ancient culture? You decide:

“So I just had a cafe con leche and my neurons are firing fairly rapidly. People here in Spain aren’t ashamed to check other people out. Atmore (my Mexican friend) and I both agreed that in the Americas you don´t blatantly stare at people and you immediately look away if your caught. Here it´s normal and hot girls almost expect you to stare or they might think something’s wrong with them.”

I’m not too worried. I didn’t have a non-sexual thought until I was 35.

“Oh, if at every moment of our lives we could know the consequences of some of the utterings, thoughts and deeds that seem so trivial and unimportant at the time! And should we not conclude from such examples that there are no such things in life as unimportant moments devoid of meaning for the future?”
—Isabelle Eberhardt

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