Tuesday, September 09, 2003

September 9, 2003
Big rain. Big problems. A storm knocked out our home phones (again!) and I can’t access the internet or my blogger. Had a journal entry ready but couldn’t post it yesterday. The well diggers came and pulled off the pump house roof Monday, redid the pump and line. My estimate was $103 off. The bill came to $1,397. However, the water pressure is kaput so Kathy wants them to come back and do it again.

Finally got the ‘49 Ford started and then it overheated and blew off the radiator cap. Somewhere my dad is laughing. Or cringing. Or both.

We passed on the photo shoot with Billy Bob Thorton. He was coming off his rock and roll tour yesterday and we are just getting too close to the deadline. The good news is we have a great shot of Billy Bob as Davy Crockett from Disney. Supposed to interview him this afternoon on the phone. Here’s one of my questions: “John Wayne must have personally killed 175 Mexicans in his Alamo. How many do you kill in this movie?”

Kathy got a new dog collar tag and it says, “Buddy Boze Bell.” Funny girl. He got his stitches removed this morning. He’s moving kind of slow.

Bob Brink came in and wants to do Honkytonk Sue as a comic in the magazine. I told him this was also Will S’s idea. Don’t know if I have the time. I sketched all weekend.

Samantha reports that we have sold 62 Native American sets (see ad, page 88 current issue). This is by far the most successful ad we have ever run. Just amazing. Marketing is so interesting. What sells? Why? When?

"Every child has many wishes. Some include a wallet, two chicks and a cigar, but that's another story."
—Old Vaquero Saying

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