Thursday, September 04, 2003

September 4, 2003,
Spent almost the entire day yesterday in meetings. Had lunch at El Encanto ($20 cash) with an old Kingman band-mate Mike Torres. He created 13 sound snippets of possible TV theme songs for our show. Track 3 is really strong. It’s sort of Duane Eddy meets The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. Just what I ordered. It’s nice to ask for something and have it delivered, and then some. I hung up my drum sticks for good about five years ago, but Mike continues to pick (and grin). He is a monster talent.

Had an Executive Session at 1:30. Went over business. We are going to attend the Ruidoso Cowboy Symposium in October. Talked about logistics and budgets. Status of Classic Gunfights book, promotions, office changes, salaries and “negative vibes” over a huge desk brought in by one of the employees.

Met with Jeb Rosebrook at two. He listened to Mike’s CD snippets and my explanation and said, “Do you want the real Duane Eddy?” Turns out they’re best friends and Jeb asked me if I wanted to meet Mr. Rebel Rouser. Yikes! One of my guitar heroes, and from Coolidge, Arizona, to boot.

Talked to Jeb about several movie ideas that have been rattling around my brain for the past three decades. He liked two, took notes. We may join forces down the road. He is also going to be pitching the Vera McGinnis story (cover girl on the current issue) to Hollywood. He thinks it has great potential.

The new Cave Creek Chamber is putting on a Wild West weekend in October and Bob Brink thinks we should be involved. We attended a meeting this morning at Rancho Manana to offer our help. Our plea to them was, “We listed the Top 50 Western Towns in this year’s travel issue and we didn’t include Cave Creek. If your project becomes a signature event, we could honestly pick our hometown. Let’s work together on this.” I think they got the message.

Picked up Kathy at 6:30 after work last night and we drove down to Lou Grubb Ford to get her Escape fixed (engine light). They kept car overnight, gave her an Escort, and we met at Charleston’s (Scottsdale Rd. and Frank Lloyd Wright) for dinner. Had a glass of Cabernet and a blackened chicken Caesar salad, Kathy had the same (she bought, $52 cash, includes tip).

“The shortest answer is doing.”
—Old Vaquero Saying

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