Sunday, September 07, 2003

September 7, 2003
Got a nice write up in today’s Arizona Republic. Phil Boas wrote a piece on our Vera McGinnis cover story and our desire to get her on a U.S postage stamp. Nice pictures, too bad it’s all in black and white (editorial pages+black and white equals more integrity is such an old school, out-dated belief, but it’s still here, thanks in part to old fart editors and the New York Times).

Finished three paintings for CG book yesterday. Worked into the evening on finding reference for today’s work. Actually fun to look at old photo books and find the right look (hats, hair, beards, shirts, holsters, pistols, pants, boots and stance, in that order). What I like to do is marry an authentic photo from the right period (there is a huge difference between the 1860s and 1880s) with an action shot of one of my re-enactor photos. It doesn’t always work, but when it does, lookout! Right now I need an image of a Trantor pistol. Lull, the Pinkerton agent who killed John Younger, had one. Lull also had a “bulldog” which he pulled from under his coat and I have good reference for that.

Received our first E-mail from Thomas in Spain. Here’s what he has to say (see if you can spot what his priorities are in terms of learning): “Right now the dorms and the University are kind of quiet. It´s still summer for them. Like Deena and I noticed the girls are way cooler than the guys but I think that´s a world wide phenom. The Spanish girls that are in the dorm right now said they like my shoes (Old School Vans checkered slip ons). Boo Yah!”

Got some very nice rain yesterday. It’s especially nice when you have no running water. I stood out in it nude and took a pioneer shower. Ran up Old Stage Road to dry off. The Ratcliffs called the sheriff, but I hid in the cave until nightfall, then crept home via the chalk trail, sliding over the back wall and into the pool. Unfortunately there was a posse in our front yard so I hid under water and breathed thru a reed until the lawdogs gave up and went up to the Buffalo Chip for a line dancing lesson.

Not really.

Our dogs are still fighting to see who’s the boss. Peaches nips and snaps at Buddy’s ears relentlessly when we go for a walk. Even though he’s twice as big, she keeps him in line. Sort of like marriage, except the nipping is further south.

“There are two theories to arguing with a woman. Neither one works.”
—Old Vaquero Saying

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