Thursday, December 18, 2003

December 18, 2003
This morning Deena, Tomas, Kathy and I went on the beach to have cafe mochas. Inside the restuarant where we got the coffees, we could see a little kid kicking a Christmas ornament around on the floor. His mom and dad were going crazy (he couldn't even walk and his papa had to hold him up, but he got the idea and was kicking like crazy).

This is the nature of the place (all of Europe actually). The papers have dozens of pages on soccer every day. I finally understand how many women must feel in the US (How many photos of guys deflecting a ball off their head do you need to see? The answer is: evidently not enough).

On Wednesday night T. took us to a soccar game in the Valencia stadium. Huge place, big as Sun Devil Stadium, maybe half full. Valencia vs. Murcia. A guy behind us yelling "Puta!" at everything (Bitch, or Whore). Two guys in front of us lit up a huge spliff. The crowd clapped politely and then went crazy when there was a score (only two, Valencia won, 2-0).

Of course there were the advertisements everywhere for companies like Super Desportes and others. Saw three American logos: Burger King, DHL and a very small Ford logo. Made me feel at home (that and the spliff and the swearing).

Game started very late, 9:30, but of course the Spanish eat dinner very late, usually around 9. This is the land of late, kind of nice really, especially with the National nap deal, which I could get used to.

On Wednesday afternoon, we visited Sagunto where there was a Roman fort, built in 100 BC. As we walked around the amazing formations I'm thinking, "They built this and fought here 100 years before Jesus. Jesus!"

I first came to Spain as an infant (56) and when I got home I was reborn."

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