Tuesday, December 02, 2003

December 2, 2003
Picked up the new Classic Gunfights book at 2:30. Met Theresa at a Coco’s on Bell and I-17. Signed about 50 for them, loaded up 300 in my truck and headed back out. Got to the office around 3:15. Staff very excited about the book. Lots of good comments. Gus and Robert Ray found three maps with odd patterns. Something fishy there, but it’s basically something only we would notice. Color is great, my paintings and the original photos reproduction come off excellent.

We’re doing a book signing at Barnes & Noble (Shea and 101) this Saturday at 2:30, and hopefully Bob McCubbin will be there along with Gus Walker so we can all sign your books. It will be the only signing appearance this year (I’m going to Spain next week).

Got a call from the Westerns Channel today. Shooting bumpers a week from tomorrow either right here in my studio or at the office. They’ve hired a big crew, a boom camera, sound guy, make-up, they’re going to do it right.

Tweaked the layout of Old Man Clanton gunfight this morning. Very strong. Tried to whip out a scratchboard of Mexican troops on the march but I failed. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Mixed reviews on The Missing. I haven’t seen it yet. Johnny Boggs said it was too long, but here’s a review I got last night:

“Saw The Missing yesterday--excellent! Historically accurate, as far as I could tell. Not a shred of political correctness. Made me wish even more that Ron Howard had stayed with the Alamo movie. Please add your comments to your journal when you see it (and I know you will).” —Donna Cook

Sam said it made some money last week and is in the top ten. I’m rooting for them.

”The man with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds.”
—Mark Twain

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