Sunday, December 07, 2003

December 7, 2003
What a marathon day yesterday. Gave the speech at the Daughters of the American Revolution Cave Creek Chapter, at the Carefree Conference Resort at noon. Sold some books, got out of there at two, drove down the 101 and got to Barnes & Noble at 2:35, double-parked, dollied in the books and was met by a large crowd (35-45) for a booksigning. Gave a talk, had Gus and Bob McCubbin join me on stage and we proceeded to sign the books. I’m guessing we sold about 60-70 books. Went up to Brink’s house last night for a big party. Bob had a whole slew of Eastcoasters who flew in. They were staying at the Biltmore, had a shuttle bus drive them out to the Brinks for an old fashioned Western feed and yarnfest. Mad Coyote Joe cooked up a great spread and everyone ate outside on the Brink’s spectacular patio. We could see Scottsdale and Pinnacle Peak way off in the distance and it was beautiful out, with the stars and everything.

Poor Bob McCubbin! He had to endure another speech by me (he’s heard me go off on many occasions, was at the signing at 2:30 and then showed up here just in time for my third “speech”). I felt bad for him but he took it gracefully and he was very restrained when he banged his shoe on the table shouting “Lies! Lies! It’s all damn lies!’ Although when he threw one of the Brink’s dogs over the wall (30 foot drop!) and threatened to throw the other one unless I shut up, I thought it was a bit much.

Not really. It was a guy from Connecticut he threw over the wall (so it was no big deal).

Thanks for the voting on the two covers (see Dec. 5 posting). Here’s some of the comments:

“Definitely the John Escapule photo—more dramatic, especially since, when the web-page loaded, my first thought was ‘oh look, Doc Holliday.’ *grin*”
—Wendy H.

“Both covers are great, but I think the serious western fans will be more intrigued by the picture of Doc. As you mentioned, the Carrie Nation guy has a National Lampoon (or Mad Magazine) quality that takes something away from portraying True West as a serious publication. That's my two cents' worth.”
—Donna Cook

“The Escapule cover should be used. Living and working in Tombstone (and being married to John Escapules great great granddaughter) I have heard stories about Escapule. Many times I have been asked if that picture was Holliday...and always, I give the same response...NO!"
—Jim Newbauer

“I'm pro-Big Face, mostly 'cause I like the text that goes with it. It just sounds like the True West 'tude. That said, you do know, don't you, not to let us fans influence too many decisions about the magazine? We talk a lot, but we are not what you'd call mighty in numbers compared to the folks who read the magazine and don't talk back, or who might spot the magazine for the first time on the newsstand next week. Too much input from the "fans" has killed many a TV series. And that said, that new red cover doesn't just bark on the stands, it leaps out to the end of its leash and pulls the tie stake out of the ground. Nice work.”
—Emma B.

”Art should simplify. That is very nearly the whole of the higher artistic process; finding what conventions of form and what detail one can do without and yet preserve the spirit of the whole.”
—Willa Cather

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