Saturday, December 06, 2003

December 6, 2003
Back from the cave (8:30). Dogs running and jumping on each other and every bush in their path. Really a glorious morning. Got our first two Christmas cards: from the Richards in Des Moines and the Harshbergers in Phoenix. Ahh to be so organized. It will probably dawn on me somewhere near Madrid that we need to think about getting our holiday letter going (we have sent our cards out as late as March). Ah, better late than nunca.

A whirlwind day yesterday in the office with Bob Reece, Bob McCubbin, Holly and others in the office. Got a call from Greystone and they want to tape next week before I leave. Set it up for Thursday, but got a message on my machine last night that they need to reschedule. Can’t do it Wednesday because the Westerns Channel will be here.

McCubbin is proofing the Old Man Clanton ambush. Going to be a strong one. Need to redo one of the scenes this weekend. Also want to do an overview of the Brady killing for April issue. Reworked some of that copy.

Got a packed day today. Speech for the Daughters of the American Revolution at noon (some of these gals are 186 years old!), then our only booksigning this year for Classic Gunfights at Barnes & Noble at 2:30 , then the Brink’s Christmas party at seven. Mad Coyote Joe and I will be the entertainment.

I’m so proud of my staff for being able to turn out our book in 60 days. Most book gestations take at least a year. Of course, not everyone is impressed with what we’ve accomplished:

”Writing a book is not as tough as it is to haul thirty-five people around the country and sweat like a horse five nights a week.”
—Bette Midler, on touring

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