Monday, December 08, 2003

December 8, 2003
Came up with a possibly great title: "Dig Me! Confessions of An Only Child. On the first page will be a giant "I" that runs from the top of the page all the way to the bottom. I, as in Id, the Ego Gargantuan, as in Narcissist Extraordinaire. Tell the ups and downs, ins and outs of being a spoiled brat. Shouldn't be that hard to write.

Also, went for a walk to the cave and fell upon the idea of holding back Mike Torres song for Classic Gunfights and asking him to come up with something else for the Westerns Channel bumper.

Overcast and rainy out this morning. Really a treat for us on the desert because it's so rare. Woke up to a gentle rain. Kathy and I went for a walk with the dogs in the dark (6:30). Dogs are so amazing. They never complain (I'm too tired, come back in a half-hour, I need the sleep.).They jump up immediately like it's Christmas morning and run out in the driveway in the dark (Wow, we can't see anything. Isn't this groovy!). As we watched them bumping into the scenery, I told Kathy I think you could send a dog out in a hurricane and they'd be so happy for the extra wind. Dogs really don't deserve the term "dog-tired" nor do they deserve "hang-dog expression" but they do deserve "doggedly."

Yesterday morning Mike P. from Wild Visions came over to look at the studio for the Westerns Channel filming. He really liked, what he called, the Andy Rooney factor (the place is a mess). Ha. Shooters are quite chameleons. They have to serve several masters: the producers (who write their checks) and the "talent" that can have egos the size of, well, only children.

"Myths are lies, albeit lies breathed through silver."
- C.S. Lewis, during a debate with Tolkieno

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