Thursday, February 12, 2004

February 12, 2004
Now that the Janet Jackson exposure has died down here’s my favorite humor that came out of the incident:

Best Talk Show Quip:
“I enjoyed it. For once I wasn’t the biggest boob on CBS.”
—David Letterman

Best Editorial Headline:
A Tempest In A C-Cup

Best Editorial Cartoon Caption:
So my family and I were watching good, old-fashioned horse flatulence and dogs attacking crotches and then Janet Jackson got all raunchy.

Best Parody Song Verse:
“My six year old son saw an African booby
I haven’t been that mad since they shot Jack Ruby. . .”
—Koby Teith, AKA Bill Maher parodying Toby Keith on Real Time With Bill Maher

“I believe that play is the beginning of creativity.
I believe that laughter is the only cure for grief and fear.
I believe that humor is the bond that can unite us all.”

—Ellie Marek

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