Saturday, February 21, 2004

February 21, 2004
Put in a good three hour painting session yesterday, trying to get an angle on next month’s “Injun” cover. Still not happening, but at least I’m in the water (swimming in circles).

Got our office copies of the April Special Travel Issue. Big sucker, 136 pages. Looks mighty—mighty good.

Kathy had a girls only birthday party to go to last night, so after work I drove into Phoenix and met Theresa from Tri Star to sign three boxes of Classic Gunfights books. She told me sales are strong and the TW ads are pulling well. This makes me smile twice (as an author and a publisher). Met at the Superpumper, just off the 101 and Cave Creek Rd. Got gas ($20.17, $1.89 a gallon). Then drove down to Cactus and dropped in at a Border’s bookstore where I had a $25 gift certificate from Brad and Carol Radina. Looked at magazines for about 45 minutes. Couldn’t find True West, asked the manager, she said, “We carry it. Must be sold out.” This drives me crazy, because it’s either true—which is great news—or it’s total BS and they don’t have it stocked—which is awful news.

Noted and tracked cover trends: more and more black and white images, and also more white space, period. One funny fallout from this is a guy in a black suit on a very white cover of Esquire (I think it’s Orlando Bloom) pointing to the right, and right next to Esquire is a copy of Details with the exact same kind of cover, only it’s Jude Law in the black suit looking out at us pensively. Side by side, it looks like Orlando is pointing over at Jude and saying, “Hey dude, lighten up.” I considered buying the two and posting the effect here, but then I thought, “Hey, let’s spend the $25 wisely.”

I ended up buying a Communication Arts mag ($8—to steal art ideas from), an art book on Edward Hopper ($5.99—to steal art ideas from) and big art book on Gustav Klimt (on sale for $8.99—to be inspired to steal art from). Total was $24.84. Gift card covered it all, and I got 16 cents back.

Went into the coffee bar and got a half-sando, soup and decaf coffee ($6.76). Sat at a big table and looked at my purchases, and ate while a customer played a big Baby Grand piano in the corner (he just walked over and started playing some beautiful music. I thought he was a Happy Hour musician, but the staff shrugged and said he must be a customer). Can’t remember the last time I had so much fun for less than $7.

Tomorrow is the tenth anniversary of my Franklin Daytimer journal entries and I’ll post the ten random entries from the years 1994-2004.

Some question as to exactly what it is I do here. Mark Boardman e-mailed me yesterday and commented that when people mention what they had to eat and how much they paid for it (ate lunch at El Encanto with Gus and Robert Ray, $12, Robert bought), that is technically an on-line diary, not a blog. Which prompted me to e-mail Mark back and ask what a “blog” is then. His reply:

“A blog is supposed to be more of an opine on your world...or the
world...more stream of consciousness viewpoints.”

So, a blogger entry would technically be more like this: “The world is a screwed up place and Mark Boardman has a little too much time on his hands.”

“Don't ask the barber whether you need a haircut.”
—Daniel Greenberg

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