Tuesday, February 03, 2004

February 3, 2004
Overcast and sprinkling out here on the desert. Always a treat in the morning.

I was cleaning in the office yesterday and found our very first business plan for the magazine (2001). Carole and I went to night classes to learn how to create one. Most businesses create a plan before they begin, but we thought we would be different and wait a couple years and throw a half million dollars out the window first, to see if that worked.

It didn’t.

It was especially interesting to see the projections, which looked forward to the way yonder year of 2004. Virtually all of the numbers projected in ad sales have come true. The irony is that one of the original partners bailed because he didn’t believe them and pronounced them as “fantasy.”

Got a haircut yesterday at 11:30. Bev, who lives up the road from us, caught me up on all the gossip. For example, everyone’s afraid to hire illegals because Don S. of the Sonoran News will come by and photograph them, then run it in the paper. Bev also told me the sheriff was sicced on our next door neighbors. I didn’t know this, and I made a vow to get my hair cut more often.

“Let us not look not back in anger, or forward with fear, but around in awareness.”
—James Thurber

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