Monday, November 08, 2004

November 8, 2002
Woke up to more rain. Our January issue goes out the door today. Lots of last minute changes and angst over missed deadlines. Going to Tombstone last Wednesday didn't help.

Whipped out a John Wayne scratchboard, but he looks too goofy (bloated, puffy eyes, half-crocked, wait! Maybe it's dead on!).

Set up all of the re-enactors from the Vigilantes of Tombstone with free subscriptions. It's the least we can do. There were about twenty of them. They did great work. We're also running a photo of them in front of the Oriental in the January issue.

By now I'm sure you've heard of the Clay Aiken diet put forth by Larry the Cable Guy? "That's where you pop in a Clay Aiken CD and try to keep food down."

Went home for lunch and had a pastrami sando and an apple. Heated up some tea, sat out in the studio and studied three paintings, each about half done. In spite of all this I kept the food down.

Worked until six, headed home.

"The primary function of the government is—and here I am quoting directly from the U.S. Constitution—'to spew out paper.'"
—Dave Barry

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