Tuesday, November 09, 2004

November 9, 2002
Worked hard today on five scratchboards. One on John Wayne. One on Monet. One on a back shooter. One on Kevin Costner as Wyatt Earp and one on a posse in full gallop. I really like the Monet. He looks like he belongs in Tombstone and in fact, he may end up there in my new book.

Carole and I went to lunch at Pai Wei. Had the hot and spicy soup and an iced tea. Carole had the vegi combo (I bought, $14 cash). Good talk about our kids, both at home and at the office.

Worked until 5:30, heading over to Mike Pellegatti's to look at the Tombstone footage. Got a call from Sir John in Tombstone this morning. Someone told him the footage we shot last Wednesday would be on tv tonight. "We're fast, but we don’t work quite that fast," I told him.

"If you get mad at critics, you almost always can be sure they are right."
—Stephen King

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