Friday, June 10, 2005

June 10, 2005
Tweaked the August cover with Dan Harshberger. Added a ‘73 Winchester and the tophead, Also added the copy "The Mysterious Death of Johnny Ringo". Looks quite good. Tom Mix is the cover boy. Quite handsome in a Desperado kind of way.

Finished the Johnny Ringo vs. Himself gunfight artwork today. Whipped out two sepia-toned illustrations of the King of the Cowboys, one in death and the other just prior. Shot everything and ran it up to Foothills Photo at 9:30. Reworked copy to deal with the so-called "mysteries" surrounding Johnny Ringo’s death. Steve Gatto’s new book Johnny Ringo (2002) has the best take on everything and I gave him credit. Gus is laying out the opus, Meghan is editing it even as I type this up (3:27 PM). Need to wrap up everything this afternoon.

Hey, if you’re a True West Maniac, we need your address (email, too) so we can send you smokin’ deals on new product (remember that was part of the deal that we’d give you the inside skinny). Well we just got in these wonderful note cards with great photos from the Bob McCubbin collection and we want to give you first shot at them. Click here to give us this information. Do it now!

Carole is driving me down to Armstrong-Prior for the signing party for the White Hat series at five. We are going from there to Taco Villa for a belated Birthday dinner for Kathy. Both Deena and Thomas are coming.

Allen Barra left me a message and told me to check out his Angelina Jolie piece at I asked him if it’s true that she and Brad Pitt are having an affair and I got this reply:

"look, let's get something straight: Jennifer Anniston filed for divorce on March 25. So anything after that date is legal. I don't know what happened since that, but she told me she didn't [make love to] him while he was married -- and by God I believe her.”

"Nature has given us two ears but only one mouth."
—Benjamin Disraeli

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