Wednesday, June 22, 2005

June 22, 2005
Leo Banks weighs in on the cover blurb lunchfest:

For Western Doofuses:
• They Died With Their Derbies On: Doofuses of the Old West

• All Hail the Western Doofus: A Hero Under Suspenders

• He Ate High-Fiber Foods and Could Put Away the Sasparilla: Hail the Western Doofus!

For the weird West... the best way to go here might be to play off individual items... if you are using the column on Western celebrities and romance, you could use the following lines:

• Clay Allison Does the Underwear Dance -- With Another Guy!

• Bigfoot Wallace Greases His Scalp for Love!

• She Scorched his Biscuits With a Firebrand!

• Black Jack Ketchum Beats Himself Silly: A Weirdos Rhapsody!

• Lynched While His Wife Gives Birth!

• Cow Gives Birth to Man in the Weird West!

• High Lonesome: Why So Many Did Drugs on the Frontier

• Rattlesnakes In My Britches: Surviving Daily Life in the Old West

• Saddle Sores and Locusts: Why Life in the Old West Was a Bitch

• On the Whole, I'd Rather be in Philadelphia: Secrets to Surviving Life in the Old West

Kathy and I are flying all day. Getting into Butte, Montana at about three. Renting a car and driving down to Hardin. Going to dine in style at one of many four star bars.

“There is a time for departure even when there’s no certain place to go.”
—Tennessee Williams

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