Tuesday, June 14, 2005

June 14, 2005
I got some decent feedback on Into the West at this morning’s staff meeting. Sue Lambert said she is really enjoying the series and I should give it a shot. Here’s a couple of Emails from here:

"BBB: Ok..I took the plunge last night and watched the first episode of Into The West....my initial reactions:...hate the damn commercials...even with my Tiv...predictable...looks good, but not great (cinematography wise)...a few interesting characters..but they are usually killed or out or story soon...lotta buffalo shots..like em'...furious bouncing back and forth between white and red storylines...can be dizzying....overall I can only give it 2 stars..and a mild thumbs up...nothing to love or hate so far. But we must support the genre so on we go.”
—Jim Ed, Chicago,IL

"It's hard to say what it is after just one episode but parts were enjoyable. Will Patton is good in a short role and the Buffalo Hunt is accurate if I can believe things I've read. It does come close to the old theme "white men are evil indians are great". It also is so long (6 parts) no real name actors have main roles so the acting quality is limited.

"BUT, it's a western and like Victor Mclaglen said when tasting the whisky in the bible box after Henry Fonda asked him if he was a judge of whisky. ‘it's better than no whisky atoll’ It's similar to Centennial."
—Hugh Howard, Maniac# 9

The Best Michael Jackson Headline from the NY Daily News and the NY Post:

Boy, oh, boy!

Thanks Charles.

Meghan, Bob and Trish Brink and I met Jana Bommersbach down at Rockfish for lunch today to talk about the editorial calendar for 2006. Got some great ideas from everyone (had the salmon salad, $56 includes tip, I bought). I especially liked the idea of doing a feature on the guy who is a Maniac and who lusts after ghost towns (I met him in Cody last year and he was the first guy I saw who was wearing a Maniac t-shirt in the wild). We want to feature him in a piece called, “Ghost Town Maniac!” If you are him, please Email me right now at Bozebell@twmag.com.

"If there’s another way to skin a cat, I don’t want to know about it."
—Steve Kravitz

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