Thursday, August 11, 2005

August 11, 2005
We’ve had rain for 11 days straight, which is a record going back to 1921, or so. Also bizarre, ball lightning. Almost end times stuff. Tomcat called me out in the yard several nights ago to look at the lightning. Let’s just say if I saw it in a movie I’d think it was muy fake. Cluster explosions with spider web tentacles reaching out in all directions. Let's face it, God has the best special effects, yet he never gets the nod come Oscar time.

And speaking of Western Oscars, we’re taking off tomorrow morning for the Golden Boot in Hollywood. Have meetings scheduled with Powers Booth, Buck Taylor, Bruce Boxleitner, Tom Selleck, Wilford Brimley, James Caan, Mark Harmon and Debbie Reynolds. Actually, I have a press pass and will be back stage at the presentations. The director, Michael Emerson has invited me. Going to be at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills.

Dave Daiss and I are also going to the big poolside bash on Friday night at the Sportsman’s Lodge. Free food, band, lots of native implants. You know, stuff I like.

More artwork to ponder and peruse. Here’s that lesbian, cheek to cheek painting I was talking about earlier (see image above, right), plus Curly Bill treeing Tombstone, which came out rather nice. Strong nighttime effects.

Tonight is Tomcat’s last night in Arizona. He leaves tomorrow for New York City.

Got an Email from my friend Moore in Belfast regarding the BBC series on the West I helped with last month. Here’s the schedule:

“In terms of 'Gerry Anderson's Wild West Show' I have started to paper-edit the four programs for the editing process proper which will run from 5 September thru mid / late October. The series will air on the BBC - one program per week - during the month of November. I will, of course, keep you posted as to progress.”

I’m taking Meghan and the production crew, Abby, Gus and Robert Ray out to dinner tonight at Rawhide for their hardwork on CGII.

”Thanks. Small word, big meaning.”
—Barbara Bartocci

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