Sunday, August 28, 2005

August 28, 2005
Still cleaning up studio and filing art reference. It took me six days to clear off the table with all of my CGII materials. Finished yesterday afternoon.

Yesterday, Kathy and I met Deena down at Harkins 101 and saw the five o’clock showing of The 40 Year-Old Virgin ($24 cash for tickets). Really loved it. Laughed ‘til I cried. Made me very happy. Afterwards we walked over to Outback Steakhouse for dinner. Place slammed, half hour wait. Decided to sit at the bar and eat. I had the Steakhouse salad and a large draft beer (Foster’s). Girls split a chicken breast salad ($36.06 plus $7 tip, cash). Talked at length about selling our house and moving into a condo. This is Kathy’s dream. I am conflicted. Where will I put all of my stuff?! Ha.

Tomcat is in New York City. He called us Tuesday morning walking up Madison Avenue looking for a job. In the background we could hear the incessant honking of horns and the usual cacophony of NY ambiant noises. This morning I got this update via Email. I had to edit parts of it because he’s too blunt for his own good (Gee, I wonder where he got that?):

“So when Frank [a male model] took me out for the first time in Manhattan it was quite the experience. We get to this club called Soho appopriately located in Soho around 11 and getting in was like right out of a movie. There's a line of about 10 people at the front of which a girl and her friends are arguing with the doorman to let them in. Sounds cliche but as we walked pass the girl to the front of the line the girl actually said, ‘ahhhh, he won't let us in!’ Frank walked right up to doorman and said, ‘Do you know [Dad edit]?’ and the guy lifted the rope and gave us a ticket which got us a second stamp allowing us to go upstairs. It turns out [Dad edit] runs a PR firm and gets paid to show up at these places with friends and girls. He gets a free table with a bottle of Vodka and mixes which normally cost around $100. He’s probably [Dad edit]. Frank of course has a Russian model friend he's hooking up with meet him there and she brings a friend who I have to wingman. Talk about throwing me to the wolves my first night out. The [Dad edit] was a petite, blonde, Latvian born bombshell who is studying Pharmaceuitical Rep and who's mom is a psychiatrist and dad’s a Latvian business tycoon. She was actually pretty nice considering but I was a bit nervous none the less. Anyway, there's a group of [Dad edit] friends that are always together and so we hung out with them all night. All very nice people. One of the girls is a West African born model who danced unlike anyone I have ever seen. Last night I met her cousins who are also models, one of which has the same birthday as me; year and everything. Really cool girls. Their dad is a governor in some West African country. Manhattan’s playground is below 30th St. and above Canal. Basically in between Midtown and the Financial District.”

Mark Boardman is flying in today. Going to meet him this afternoon at El Encanto about two.

I’ve also been culling out my old “Emptying My Mind” computer file where I keep all my used quotes from this blog. Here’s one I resaved. It applies bigtime to today and especially tomorrow:

”Fortune favors the audacious.”

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