Sunday, August 14, 2005

August 14, 2005
Back from Hollywood. Dave Daiss and I drove over and back in record time, although Dave did get a ticket (90 in a 75 on Friday morning and it took the Highway patrolman five miles to catch Dave! Ha.). This was on I-10 west of Tonapah at the Palo Verde Power Plant exit. Stopped in Quartzite at Taco Mio for breakfast. Nice little place, decent breakfast (had the machaca and eggs, Dave had the polish suasage and eggs, $20 cash, I paid, includes tip). A family across from us were drinking margaritas at eight in the morning! What a town.

At the Friday night pool party at the Sportsmen's Lodge I met Kathy from Father Knows Best! I must say I was so impressed. Her real name is Lauren Chapin and she did the show for ten years. I asked her if she got rich off the show and gets big residuals and she said, "Not a dime." As an artist, I hate stories like that. I also met Fred Willard on Saturday night at the Golden Boot Awards. He's the guy who almost always does a cameo in Chris Guest movies (you know, Spinal Tap, Best of Show, Waiting for Guffman, A Mighty Wind) I asked him what the next movie is going to be and he said they start in October on a "making of a movie" movie. Can't wait.

Robert Blake was supposed to sit at our table at the Golden Boots, but, well, I'll tell you that story tomorroow.

The two new paintings posted yesterday, are— Frank Stilwell's body found on the Tucson railroad tracks. Yes, that's tall Paul standing just beyond. This one seemed rushed when I did it and perhaps to gross, but it has a light, airy feeling I like. The other one is Alley Snakes and illustrates Indian Charley, in extreme closeup, with his fellow snakes lining up a shot at the back of Hatch's Billiard Parlor in March of 1882.

More postings tomorrow and more detail on my star rubbings.

"The only thing wrong with immortality is that it tends to go on forever."
—Herb Caen

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