Wednesday, August 17, 2005

August 18, 2005
Today is my 1,000th blog posting ( has a counter). I have been keeping other stats myself and on this momentous day I thought I’d share them with you.

7: Number of times one of my partners has been disgusted with items posted on the blog.

998: Number of times I felt like not posting.

2: Number of times I felt like posting but had nothing to say

13: Number of days I’ve missed posting something.

1,000: Number of times it crossed my mind that the only people reading this blog are J.Rae, Jim Hatzell, Mark Boardman and J.Rae’s daughter.

98: Number of times I have used the words “bitchin’” and “stoked”.

625: Number of times I have recalled a critic of blogs who said, “Nobody cares if you had a cheese sandwich for lunch.”

2: Number of times I have noted in the blog that I had a cheese sandwich for lunch (322, if you count cheese enchiladas).

122: Number of times I have exaggerated an event for laughs.

0: Number of times I have lied about an incident (or once, if you count this one).

7: Number of times I wish I hadn’t posted a specific item.

3: Number of times I’ve pulled an item that offended someone.

3: Number of times Kathy has confronted me about a posting.

89: Number of people who have asked me if my wife gets upset when she reads the blog.

11: Number of times Kathy has actually read the blog.

1: Number of people who have told me they got real tired of the Spanish driveway storyline.

1: Number of people who teach history at the University of New Mexico, answer to the name Paul Andrew Hutton and complained about the Spanish driveway storyline.

14: Number of times I’ve actually gone to the trouble of correcting a typo or misspelling.

827: Number of quotes I have used that came from Carole Glenn (she sends me three or four quotes every day, but like Kathy, she rarely reads the blog).

0: Number of quotes that are bonified Old Vaquero Sayings.

376: Number of “anonymous” and ethnic sayings I have stolen to pass off as Old Vaquero Sayings.

8: Number of hats Buddy Boze Hatkiller actually ate.

945: Number of dollars those hats were worth.

3: Number of True West employees who hate the blog.

0: Number of employees who hate the blog more than Robert Ray.

38: Number of times I have been sorry I ever started writing a blog.

12: Number of different computers I have posted from.

1: Number of good reasons I would need to stop writing a blog.

0: number of dollars I have made from writing the blog.

”The virtue of all achievement is victory over oneself. Those who know this victory can never know defeat.”
—A.J. Cronin

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