Thursday, January 26, 2006

January 26, 2006
I’m in the cool country. While I’m digging out of a snowdrift, let’s catch up on some correspondence:

Neil Young Feedback
"I too am a fan of Neil’s. I haven't thought out the process nearly with the almost poetic thought he has put into it. I guess Dr. Buford might put it better than I..."You jes’ need some words and some music and it should be pretty.
Plus jes’ sell it for about a million dollars and jes’ keep the money. If you want you can give some to David K."
—Gordon Smith

News From The Front Lines
"Mark Drummond with the Kit Carson Home & Museum in Taos called to order more of the March issue. He said that they are all really pleased with the issue and Paul Hutton's article."
—Carole Glenn

Travelling the Weird West
"So has TW done a travel article on the Weird West? You could mention Carhenge, in Alliance, Nebraska (

"and Ed Galloway's Totem Pole Park in Foyil, Oklahoma

"and, yes, The Thing (,

"in addition to a slew of others which have presently slipped my mind. All proof that the West was, and still is, a haven for America's weirdos, I mean, iconoclasts."
—Emma Bull

Favorite Onion Headline de Jour
Man Stays Up All Night Procrastinating

"I have come to realize that all my trouble with living has come from fear and smallness within me." —Angela Wozniak

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